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Wednesday 4:00-6:50pm: Seminar Room for Graduate Course
Office Hours (Construction Hall 907) Wednesday 3:00-4:00pm
Theme/Course of Semester : 적정기술과 건축설계 Appropriate Technology and Architectural Design
1. Course objectives
Appropriate Technology must be started purely from local conditions rather than given technical specifications, and be given back to local people to be seamlessly integrated into their routines. It also underlines the crucial importance of community involvement throughout design stages. By looking at previous design methodologies that were developed based on existing background, this course delivers a fresh and comprehensive one that covers surrounding issues and concepts to produce an appropriate technology based on the real meaning of technological appropriateness.
2. Course Description
This course is intended to provide students with the necessary understanding of appropriate technology. Toward this effort, the course is structured as lectures and part seminar. The second and third weeks of the course will be in a lecture format and the other 5 weeks will be in lecture on philosophy and theoritical base of appropriate technology with following presentation by student about the case of appropriate technology in architecture. In the last six weeks of the course, students will make his or her presentation on case of appropriate technology in each region.
3. Requirement & Grading
All students are required to attend all studio classes and complete all assignments on time. Any student who has more than three unexcused absences may be failed in the class. Whenever possible, discuss any necessary absences with instructor before you are absent or very shortly thereafter. Each student will submit digital file containing his or her presentation contents to the instructor by the last class. Failure to submit the digital files will affect the student's final grade. An incomplete grade will only be issued when a student is unable to complete the presentation because of a documented illness. A letter from your physician will be required documentation.
-Presentation/submission of assignment 60%
-Particitation on lecture and seminar 20%
-Attendance and active participation in group discussions 20%
4, Required textbook & references
[Article & Essay]
- Four-Philosophies-of-Technology, Alan R. Drengson
- How Technology Could Contribute to a Sustainable World, Philip J. Vergragt(2006)
- Recharting The Philosophy of Technology in Contemporary Architecture, Revianto Budi Santosa(2017)
- The concept of "Local Smart Architecture": An Approach to Appropriate Local Sustainable Buildings, FAYSAL M. ABO-ELAZM(2017)
Design Criteria for Sustainable Development in Appropriate Technology: Technology as if People Matter, Robert C. Wicklein(?)
- Barriers to Appropriate Technology Growth in Sustainable Development, Ivana Zelenika(2011)
- Appropriate and Inappropriate Technology, chaptet15
- 49. Choosing an appropriate technology(?)
[Case study]
- Green School_The Greenest on Earth
- Towards an architecture of appropriate technology in Timor-Leste
- The Study on the Integration of Green Architecture_village home
- Appropriate Development, Architecture and Planning Technologies_Egypt
- 'Appropriate technologies' in the conservation of cultural property, Unesco Press(1983)
- Appropriate Technology for Sustainable Living, Council on Technology Teacher Education(2000)
- Collection of Indiaenous Indonesian Technology, Volunteers in Asia(1983)
- Village Technology Handbook, Volunteers in Asia(1988)
- Appropriate Technology for Rural Development- The IIDG experience, Volunteers in Asia(1980)
- Technology Choice_A Critique of the Appropriate Technology Movement, Kelvin W. Willoughby(1990) Topics on
5. Presentation files
- presentation_01 : introduction1_3
- presentation_02 : chapter 4-5
- presentation_03 : chapter 6-7
6. Schedule
Week 1 Introduction : Understanding the conceptual background
Week 2 Chapter 1 : Place and the phenomenological basis of geography
Week 3 Chapter 2 : Space and place
Week 4 Chapter 3 : The essence of place
Week 5 Chapter 4 : On the identity of places
Week 6 Chapter 5 : A sense of place and authenticating place-making
Week 7 Chapter 6 : Placelessness
Week 8 Mid_discussion
Week 9 Chapter 7 : Experiences of the present-day landscape
Week10 Chapter 8 : Prospects for places(1)
Week11 Chapter 9 : Prospects for places(2)
Week12 Presentation/Discussion(1) : measuring the attributes of places
Week13 Presentation/Discussion(2) : creating the sence of places in Busan
Week14 Presentation/Discussion(3) : criticism of place and placelessness
Week15 Final Presentation & Discussion