The fundamental philosophical breadth of our approach is not only curricular and geographical but also artistic; we refuse to promote a single conception, artistic or otherwise, of what architecture is or might become. We recognize our obligation to the historic moment in which we study and teach and build, but we also recognize that that moment, however unique, is neither singular nor unchanging nor disconnected from the past or the future.
Some would argue that in our postmodern era architecture has shifted from an objective to a subjective realm, and that, as a consequence, authority for judgment has passed from traditional measures of function, history, context or even technology to one dominated by psychological criteria, giving rise to a mood architecture obliged only to appeal to the tastes of clients or a limited coterie of aficionados. ... from web 'Yale School of Architecture' -
[Jamiheun TEXTBOOK]
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Lee In-hee : Professor, ph.D, Architect
Graduate students
LU Mudan : Master Candidate
LEE Jahyun : PhD. Candidate ZHANG XIAOLEI
ZHANG Xiaolei : Exchange Student(Master Candidate/Chongqing Univ.)
Sue Jae-gyo : Graduate 1999 (Public official)
Kang Kyung-ah : Graduate 2000 (Interior Design Office)
Chenxian : Graduate 2005 (Samsung Beijing Brench, China)
Kim Seun-young : Graduate 2006
Kang Sung-woong : Graduate 2007 (Architect, Design Office Hawood)
Kim Hae-un : Graduate 2007
Ryu Jong-sik : Graduate 2007 (Architect, Design Office Ryuwon)
Lee Yoon-seuk : Graduate 2007 (President, Interior Design & Construction Co.)
Kim Jong-ha : Graduate 2008 (Public official in Gyeongnam Province)
Noh Myoung-hwan : Graduate 2008 (Architect, Architect's Design Office MK) Park Byung-Tae : Graduate 2011 (Design Office YiSang)
Lee Sueng-jae : Graduate 2011 (Architect, Design Office Solchan)
Yun In-han : Graduate 2011 (Design Office Space)
Kim Uen-gon : Finished course(Architect, Design Office Saein)
Kim Yong-Deuk : Graduate 2011(President, Geujae Pension Resort Co.)
Hwang Bong-kyu : Finished course(Architect, Design Office Hwang Bong-gyu)
Rhee Myung-jin : Finished course(Architect, Design Office Ryuwon)
Kim Young-sik : Finished course(Architect, Construction Business)
Jang Tae-il : Finished course(Design Office Whan)
Na Jang-gyu : Finished course(Architect, Design Office YiSang)
Yang Tae-cheul : Finished course(Design Office Wookeun)
Jeong In-A : (PhD. candidate)
Choi Yeong-A : (Designer, Interior Design Office)