Urban modernization brought settlement environmental changes. As cities were expended and use of districts was reformed, land price of central locations increased and many residential areas were removed or relocated to suburb due to development pressure. This also caused imbalance of urban space such as building unofficial residential areas not far from the center of a city, and inhumane life environment and spatial structure such as cutting off relations of use districts. Moreover, gated communities that cut off relations with surroundings were built for new residential areas and resulted in generalization of a though to value individual capital while rejecting social value. Thus, spatial issues were caused by modern urban spaces with settlement environmental issues from residential area in the downtown of a modern city. Social spatial structures of traditional villages that traditional spatial structures and community’s life context are well harmonized can be found in counties with long history including Korea. Many farming villages in Korea, China an Italy are good examples to observe traditional spatial structures and social communities because they have abundant spatial-landscape legacy with long history and maintain traditional living communities.

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