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BUGAIK(Busan_Ulsan_Gyeongnam Chapter of Architectural Institute of Korea) International Architecture Exhibition is an architectural design exhibition that, through its selection of well-designed works and emphasis on quality, originality, and creativity, presents current trends in contemporary design. With a tradition of over 70 years, BUGAIK is one of the oldest regional academic institute of architecture in Korea. The organizer, the Committee of BUGAIK International Architecture Exhibition, is inviting submissions for the 2019 BUGAIK International Architecture Exhibition and will exhibit a selection of design projects. The organizer will select the works to be invited with the consideration of quali!cation of applicant and design work.

Applicants may be architecture professors or academic tutors in university, who are involved in the creation of the submitted work.
Eligible disciplines from which works may be submitted are: architectural design, urban design, environmental design, interior design, public design, spatial design, and others. Either finished design works or design concepts may be submitted from these fields.

Entry Procedure
Initial submittal will be accepted no later than 2 October 2019 with free of charge. Only one work may be submitted per entry form except when submitting a series of items, in which case this must be clearly stated in the entry form. The chosen works will need to send their final submittal by 1 November 2019. The exhibition will be open 22-27 Nov. 2019.


Initial submittal deadline 2 October 2019 :
Format: 1 page of (name).pdf file at 210x297mm(A4) size(10MB max.) and the entry form, include spatial or physical images are encouraged (photographs or computer graphic images of project are available), emailed to samlih@pusan.ac.kr. Group or individual work welcome.
Final submittal (for the chosen works) due 1 November. 2019 :
Format: Graphic image file(jpg or jpeg) for presentation board with the size of 900mm x 900mm, resolution of 300dpi/inch, include your name/title/department(program) /university at 18 point font or smaller with your small portraits on board. Organizer makes no guarantees that entries will be returned, however they may be picked up after the event.


Initial submit no later than 2 Oct.. 2019 : Entry form((name).pdf/10MB max.) with the entry form -> samlih@pusan.ac.kr
Notice for the chosen works 12 Oct. 2019
Final submit1 Nov. 2019 : Graphic image file((name).jpg) for presentation board(900mmx900mm, 300dpi/inch) -> samlih@pusan.ac.kr ...file format of *.pdf should be smaller than *.jpg.
Exhibition 22-27 Nov. 2019

Works & Contributors

22 Pieces Shinsaku Munemoto / Ritsumeikan University, Japan
2022 Hangzhou Asian Games Village Youth Activity Center SUN Tongyu Tongji University, China
Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission (BERC) Dhaka 2019 Elizabeth Fenuta & Samer Hout Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning, Canada
Bonhams Project PARK Jinseok, Kyungnam University, Korea
Border Building JUNG Kyungtae, Gyeongnam National University of Science and Technology, Korea
Domagkpark Fink+Jocher, Technische Universit\'e4t M\'fcnchen+Universit\'e4t Stuttgart, Germany
Fine Dining & Cultural Space in Gimhae LEE Gill-im, Tongmyung University, Korea
Gaokun Museum DONG Chunfang, Tongji University, China
Geoje Community Social Welfare Center KANG Yunsik, Kangwon National University, Korea
Head Office Building of KCIP Building LEE Sungho, Dong-A University, Korea
H-house Shinsaku Munemoto, Ritsumeikan University, Japan
House of Youth Culture in Jeungpyeong County PARK Sangkoo, Cheongju University, Korea
Jinshan Canal City, Garden City, the Original CHUNG Jaehoon, Pusan National university, Korea
Jochiwon Urban Regeneration Project OH Kwangsuek, Korea Maritime and Ocean University, Korea
Land-Based Learning through Architecture-Landscapes Shannon Bassett, Laurentian University, Canada
Masan Maritime Cultural Mixed-use Complex JUNG Sungmoon, Changwon National University, Korea
MASTC(Marine Application Substantiation Technology Center) AHN Woonghee, Korea Maritime and Ocean University, Korea
MSD Craft Glass Museum Hongbin BIAN, Tianjin University, China
Multi Cube YOU Bangkeun, Gyeongsang National University Korea
Neckarbogen Fink+Jocher, Technische Universit\'e4t M\'fcnchen+Universit\'e4t Stuttgart, Germany
PALERMO2020: POLYCHROME CANOPY MARKET IN BALLARO Renzo Lecardane, University of Palermo, Italy
Return Home MOON Jungpil, Tongmyung University, Korea
Rezoning New York City through Big Data Pablo Lorenzo-Eiroa, New York Institute of Technology, USA
Re_Born#1 SEO Geumhong, Dong-A University, Korea
Smarthome Center Assembly hall Remodeling YU Jinsang+LEE Hak-kyu, Changwon National University+CA architecture, Korea
SSStar Bldg. JEONG Heewoong, Dongseo University, Korea
Student Lounge Plan KANG Hoon, Kangwon National University, Korea
TECTIVA Tower Daniel L\'f3pez-P\'e9rez, University of San Diego, USA
THAILAND2022: PLUGIN SYSTEM SHARING FARM IN DONSAK Paola La Scala, University of Palermo, Italy
The Ark of Noah CHOI Manjin, Gyeongsang National University, Korea
The Landscape of Time LEE Seungheon, Tongmyung University, Korea
Urban Regeneration Plan of Guam-dong, Changwon CHO Hyeongpkyu, Changwon National University, Korea
USO-03A (upstream strategic outpost) Anton Markus Pasing, Peter Behrens School of Arts_HS Duesseldorf, Germany
Wine Gallery Renovation KIM Dongjin, Gyeongsang National University, Korea
Yeonho Flower Academy LEE Inhee, Pusan National university, Korea

Eligible disciplines from which works may be submitted are: architectural design, urban design, environmental design, interior design, public design, spatial design, and others. Either !nished design works or design concepts may be submitted from these fields. I will send the books of publication to exhibitee after open the Exhibition by post.

For more information...
Rules of Participation etc, visit www.bugaik-exhibit.org
from domestic - LEE Byungwook, Prof. Dong-Eui Institute of Technology, Korea ardebwl@dit.ac.kr
from over sea - LEE Inhee, Prof. Pusan National University, Korea samlih@pusan.ac.kr