2019 ARCP will take place from 18-20 December, 2019 at School of Planning and Architecture, Bhopal, India. Abstracts and papers in the fields of urban planning and design, regional development, urban and social geography, architecture and all sub-fields concerned with peri-urbanization and urban resilience are welcomed.
All abstracts and papers should conform to the required format and be sent to 3rdperiurbanconference@spabhopal.ac.in.
Topics are listed below:

The purpose of the conference is to promote dissemination of Asian urbanization studies and collaboration among Asian universities and research institutions, even governments, in order to strengthen sustainable urban and rural futures.
The conference discussions will aim to address the following overarching Questions:

(1) How the characteristics and driving forces of peri-urbanization vary from context to context?
(2) How effective are the means of participation, governance or administration structures and processes for envisioning and achieving sustainable rural – urban futures?
(3) What are the adversities, challenges and solutions for building sustainable urban and rural futures in Asian peri-urban context?
(4) How the transformation is envisaged in the peri-urban areas and what policies and programs are being put in place?


Specifically, the country/city case studies will address the following topics:

• Land use / land cover changes and planning approaches for peri-urban areas
• Peri-urban governance, inter-agency coordination, citizen participation, policies or programs and their impact
• Changes in peri-urban areas due to industrialization and economic activity
• Connectivity, mobility and access in peri-urban areas
• Infrastructure and service delivery in peri-urban areas
• Other sub-themes relevant to a country

     - Health & Wellbeing
     - Environment
     - Leadership & Strategy
     - Smart Region

Submission of Abstract
16 August – 30 September, 2019
Notification of Acceptance
04 October, 2019
18 November, 2019
Submission of Full paper
22 November, 2019
Conference Date
17 - 20 December, 2019

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